Parking Lot Striping

Kneisley Painting offers striping for parking lots and parking garages in Upstate South Carolina. Our reliable, high-performance paints ensure your parking lot is clearly and neatly marked for safety and directional use.

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Why Should I Re-Paint My Parking Lot?

Parking lots and parking garages serve as a “welcome mat” for your customers, clients and employees. How they look and work says a lot about your company and how much you care about people and their safety.

Parking lots in South Carolina have to put up with a lot. Not only are they subjected to regular vehicular and foot traffic, but they also are constantly exposed to our changing weather and environment. Due to these strains, parking lot striping needs to be regularly refreshed or repainted. Waiting too long to restripe makes your lot look old, unwelcoming and neglected – and can lead to safety issues for cars and drivers.

At Kneisley Painting, we offer parking lot striping services using high-quality performance paints and materials to last as long as possible. We can apply parking lines, as well as directional arrows, chevron stripes, and traffic signs. We can customize any design to suit your parking lot needs. We paint parking lots in Greenville, Spartanburg, and throughout Upstate South Carolina.

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